Is This a Waste Land? performances for Silvertown

Is This a Waste Land? performances for Silvertown

Artists, photographers and film-makers from all over the world have been drawn to the abandoned industrial spaces around London’s Royal Docks. In October, an outdoor performance using immersive sound is the latest project to be staged on the derelict land of Silvertown.

Is This a Waste Land? takes place between October 13-15 and October 20-22. The creation of Brighton-based Charlotte Spencer Projects, the event forms part of the Dance Umbrella 2017 series.

Audience members are invited to wear headphones and become part of an emotional shared experience. They are also invited to bring along one unwanted object they are happy to donate to the performance.

You can see a trailer for Is This a Waste Land on the Charlotte Spencer Projects website. For more information and tickets to the event, visit the Dance Umbrella website.

Photo credit: Pari Naderi.