LGBT parents feel safest in Newham

LGBT parents feel safest in Newham

Newham has been named the most LGBT family-friendly borough in London in a recent survey, thanks to its access to affordable property, good schools and safety within the community.

The survey was conducted by My Future Family Show, which provides information to which gives advice on adoption, fostering, surrogacy, IVF and co-parenting.

Speaking to the Evening Standard newspaper, Sarah Garrett of MFFS said: “By ranking the London boroughs on sexual orientation hate crime as well as other essential factors, we’ve found out where LGBT parents might feel safest starting a family.

“Newham is a potentially brilliant place for LGBT parents to raise a family. It offers more affordable alternatives to neighbourhoods such as Shoreditch and Stoke Newington for those looking to settle down. In the coming years, the Elizabeth Line will vastly improve its transport links.”

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