Future plans for historic buildings

Future plans for historic buildings

Four historic buildings situated in and around London’s Royal Docks remain on Historic England’s at-risk register, published by Historic England.

The list of over 5000 buildings across the country includes the Central buffet at Custom House and the Central Offices at Custom House, both built in 1883. North Woolwich Station, built in 1847, and Silo D in North Woolwich Road are also featured.

In keeping with plans to retain important buildings of historic interest, all four buildings are part of the plans for future development of the area. Restoration plans for both the Central buffet and Central offices have been granted. Discussions are ongoing regarding repair and re-use of North Woolwich Station, with funding having been secured from the London Regeneration Fund. Discussions continue regarding the future use of Silo D as part of the regeneration of Silvertown.

Nationwide, the number of entries on the register has reduced from 5,341 in 2016 to 5,254 in 2017, with grant aid of £10.5 million given to support 260 projects, including nine rock art sites, 16 pubs, one tunnel and 17 dovecotes.

For more details on the buildings around the Royal Docks visit Historic England.