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London’s Royal Docks are well on the way to being a vibrant and exciting waterside destination. The Royal Docks Management Authority Limited (RoDMA) is one of many organisations responsible for making it happen.

A spectacular revival

London’s Royal Docks were built in the mid 19th century – a marvel of Victorian engineering. Thirteen metres deep and 4 kilometres long, they cover an area the size of central London. They closed to commercial vessels in 1981. Now this unique area is coming back to life in a spectacular way.

Managing London’s Royal Docks

The Royal Docks Management Authority Limited (RoDMA) owns, maintains and manages the water and some of the land across the 13km of dock edge. It maintains the lifting and swing bridges, the lock gates , Pumping houses and other dock infrastructure but is also playing a pivotal role in using the unique waterfront setting to create a new destination for London – a place of culture, fun, cuisine and sport – with space for business, creativity and waterside living.

The first developments

Development is well underway on this vast expanse of waterfront. Royal Victoria Dock brings thousands of visitors to exhibitions, events, water sports activities, bars, restaurants and gardens. 600,000 residents live in London’s Royal Docks. A wide range of future developments are in the design, planning and construction phases.

A waterside destination for all

Exploring the dockside, enjoying an activity-packed day, relaxing by the water, taking part in watersport, dining at a waterfront restaurant. These are just some of the ways you can enjoy London’s Royal Docks. It’s also becoming a new hub for business and an enviable place to live with floating homes and river views.

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