The Royal Docks in film: The Sandwich Man

The Royal Docks in film: The Sandwich Man

The cast reads like a Who’s Who of 1960s British comedy, although it would be a little generous to describe The Sandwich Man as a cinematic classic. Most notably (to us anyway) the film opens with a sweeping aerial shot of Silvertown and the surrounding Royal Docks.

The shot settles on a group of houses in Evelyn Road, now the location of the Britannia Village Hall. It was taken from a tower block called Dunlop Point, which was demolished in 1998 after its own tenants voted for it to be pulled down.

Evelyn Road in the mid 1960s

The film starred Michael Bentine, alongside Dora Bryan, Norman Wisdom, Bernard Cribbins, Diana Dors, Harry H Corbett, and Terry Thomas. It also featured Warren Mitchell, Alfie Bass, John Le Mesurier and various other cornerstone figures of British comedy from the 60s and 70s .

As with many British films of the time, the background scenes are arguably more interesting than the film itself. A detailed breakdown of the locations can be found at Reel Streets, including Hyde Park, Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square. You can also see the film in its full glory, featuring a swinging soundtrack by former Manfred Mann member Mike Vickers, who conducted the orchestra for The Beatles 1967 live TV performance of All You Need Is Love.